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Female Superheroes We Need To See

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Okay, so we’re making a little bit of progress on the whole female superhero dilemma. Marvel’s Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) has essentially been operating alone for a while now, and she’s become a pretty major part of the MCU in spite of not having her own film yet. We’ll soon see Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) in Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice (and she is getting her own movie), as well as the addition of Elektra to Marvel’s Daredevil series on Netflix and Wasp (Evangeline Lilly) to the Ant-Man sequel. And to be fair, the studio did just build a whole show around Jessica Jones. Supposedly, Marvel is also bringing a Captain Marvel character into the MCU, with an as-yet-unknown actress leading a solo film in 2019.

So, that’s five prominent female characters from both comic giants combined, with a few X-Men and other supporting characters omitted. Now consider this: the Russo brothers, who are directing Avengers: Infinity War, recently revealed that 67 characters might feature in their movie. So assuming Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Wasp, Jessica Jones and Elektra all make the cut (even though Captain Marvel’s solo film won’t have been released yet), that’s five out of 67. Now pretend I forgot about 10 whole characters. That would still make less than 25 percent of the cast.

You get the picture. The superhero film empires built by DC and Marvel need more female heroes. Fortunately, should they care to act on this issue, there are a lot of great ones from their own comics they could select! Here are just a few who would make for great additions.

Ms. Marvel

Marie Claire’s piece on female superheroes pretty much says it all: Ms. Marvel, aka Kamala Khan, is a “15-year-old Muslim Pakistani-American girl living in Jersey City.” In her comics, she’s basically an obsessed Avengers fan who ultimately gains superpowers from a mysterious fog… Sounds like a pretty easy character to inject into an existing Marvel Cinematic Universe, no? Ms. Marvel would also make for a brilliant statement by Marvel in the face of dangerous anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim sentiments spreading across the U.S.

It’s also worth mentioning that this character really isn’t that obscure. She’s a regular character in hugely popular Marvel video games like Marvel Heroes online and the Contest Of Champions app by Kabam. She’s also been the subject of some pretty recent comics. Or at least, the Kamala Khan character has been (with a few others using the Ms. Marvel moniker as well). Ms. Marvel Vol. 1: No Normal even won a “Best Graphic Story” award just last year.


Artemis isn’t that complicated, given that like Thor she’s straight out of real world mythology. Daughter of Zeus and sister of Apollo, she’s the goddess of the hunt and the Moon and a certified badass in her own right. There are a few goddess figures that have factored into the Marvel comics over the years, and they would all seem like fairly natural additions given the connection to Thor (Artemis first appeared in a 1966 Thor comic).

This goddess in particular makes some sense given her connection to the Moon Knight. ScreenCrush has revealed that Marvel and Netflix are developing a series about the Moon Knight (a relatively obscure hero who’s basically Marvel’s Batman counterpart). He gets his name when he’s granted powers by Khonshu, the Egyptian Moon god. so there’s a pretty natural connection to be worked out there.


Another character from real world mythology who’s seeped into the Marvel comics over the years, Medusa is particularly interesting because she’s among the leaders of a modern comic series called “A-Force,” which is an all-female team akin to the Avengers. If Marvel were to truly make an effort to incorporate more female superheroes, an A-Force division among the Avengers could be a clever way to do it.

The tricky part here would be separating the creepy mythological character from the Marvel hero, given that the creepy version still has a presence in entertainment. The character was featured in the 2010 film Clash Of The Titans and was even played by Uma Thurman in Percy Jackson The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. She’s also attached to an online slot machine found at Gala Bingo. In addition to their promotions and rewards for returning players, the site hosts a lot of games featuring mainstream fictional characters that are used to keep their audience interested. “Medusa” and “Medusa II” are among those selections, but both are based on the mythical terror who turns enemies to stone rather than the Marvel hero (whose primary power is the strength and agility of her hair, which is like a giant set of endless appendages).


Not one of the better-known superheroes to more casual fans, Namorita is most easily described as a more useful, female Aquaman. She has super strength, the ability to become transparent, and the ability to survive and thrive underwater. And she might just make more sense than any of these heroes for Marvel to bring into the fold.

For one thing, she’s the perfect answer to DC’s introduction of Aquaman in the budding DC film empire. But even more importantly, Namorita’s primary comic book association is in the Civil War comics, which are the inspiration for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. It’s probably too late, unfortunately, for Namorita to sneak into this film (we’d have heard rumors by now), but there’s another opportunity as well. Namorita is also associated with the Defenders, the same team Marvel’s building on Netflix.

Only time will tell if any of these characters make the cut for future Marvel projects. But as of now, none are known to be in the plans.

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Generate Income With Your Blog – Ideas And Techniques

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Affiliate Marketing Tips – The Best Ways To Design A Website That Makes Sales

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Leading 10 Complimentary Affiliate Marketing Tips

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Book of the week 05/27/2015: Pisces #2

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How a human being breaks is an infinitely divergent thing. The digestion of our traumas doesn’t affect our reality, it becomes our reality and how these wounds are carried is what turns a human into a person.

It’s also what turns a name into a character. A normal, high functioning, talking head just isn’t that much fun to read about. We want to read about the dents. We want to see the fissures that herd people away from the health and happiness.

But we also want our horror to come in a flavor that won’t abuse our pallets like greyed out Vietnam flashbacks, bookended by flashbulb transitions. Trauma is so often played as a thing that bounces in and out of a character’s life, rather than something that is transfused into it.

This is Pisces #2’s great offering to its readers. It provides a rude and honest view at the way PTSD and guilt cannot just haunt a person but melt the filter through which they view the world.

In issue one of the series, Dillon Carpenter survived being shot down in Vietnam. He fought, clawed and killed his way to rescue, but in doing so, he left behind a friend.

Issue two takes place four years later, after the war in Vietnam has been lost and Dillon has been reduced to living with his father and working as a night shift janitor.

The world of Pisces is rendered through the eyes of Dillon and we get to see how his experiences in Vietnam have distorted the way he sees the world. Innocent shadows harbor red eyed shoggoths. The ceiling of a city bus is a dark pool, where a naked woman floats among disembodied faces. A distended, one-eyed caricature of a man Dillon killed in the war sits on the floor and tries to read the blood soaked pages of a pamphlet.

All these individual nightmares are filtered through one persistent hallucination. That Dillon is an astronaut stranded in space. Floating alone.

This creates a fabulous atmosphere of fear and isolation. The reader bares the loneliness found in surviving incredible horror only to return to a home that deems you a loser and a murderer.

We are never told how to feel. Dillon’s pain is never preached. It is seen infused into his life, an inescapable and surrounding presence that builds a barrier around him.

All of this is brought to us through gorgeous psychedelic art from Johnnie Christmas. The way the grounded and realistic moments bleed into deep space surrealism is always natural and immersive. The careful and subtle ways that reality is exaggerated does a great job at keeping Dillon’s reality tethered to the world we know.

This explosion of color and imagery is kept impactful by the sneaky incretion of quieter moments where we get to see how Dillon’s break in perception effects his relationships with other characters.

A cathartic chat with a fellow veteran has an almost antidotal effect on his psychosis and a confrontation with his father shows the tangible effects the constant flip of perception has on his real world relationships and his ability to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

I praise a lot of different comics in this column but the deftness of Pisces‘ execution and the incredible restraint of writer Kurtis J Wiebe has elevated it to the top tier of current ongoings. It is a marvel, both within the panel and within the soul and the fact that it is still laying a ground work for bigger things is beyond exciting.



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Rocky Mountain High: Pot Sales Raise $40 MILLION In Tax Revenues For Colorado Residents

When the people of Colorado voted to legalize the retail sale of
marijuana in their state, hopes were high (pun intended) that the
theories of added revenues and lower crime rates would prove sound
and make all the controversy worthwhile.

The official numbers are in, and the people of Colorado are even
better off than they expected.

According to a study by the Drug Policy Alliance, Colorado made
the right choice.

Colorado tax revenues break $40 million.

That number comes from retail marijuana sales only and doesnt
include the sale of medical marijuana or the licensing fees
collected by the state from legal dispensaries.

Colorados state Revenue Commission has already allocated $2.5
million of that money to hiring new health care professionals and
educating children about the dangers of drug use. The increase in
funding fills a critical gap left by budget cuts in 2011.

Colorados first big winner is public education.

Crime rates across the board decrease.

In Denver alone, the decrease in crime is impressive to say the
least. According to data released by the city, violent crime is
down 2.2%, burglaries decreased by 9.5%, and overall property crime
is down 8.9%.

Arrests and judicial savings are massive.

The Colorado Court System reports that arrests for possession of
marijuana have decreased by 84% since 2010, and arrests for
cultivation have decreased by 90%.

At a cost of $300 per case to adjudicate plus the burden on
police departments, the Drug Policy Alliance suggests that the
state is saving millions of dollars, and that doesnt include the
likelihood of prison time for second-time and higher non-violent
offenders who would otherwise probably never see the inside of a
courtroom, never mind a jail cell.

Traffic fatalities have decreased.

Yes, you read that right. Traffic fatalities in Colorado have
gone down. While there is most likely no correlation between
legalized marijuana and people driving safer, the fact that
fatalities have decreased by 3% debunks the theory that stoners
behind the wheel would make Colorado roads more dangerous.

Nope. At ease, Colorado. Keep sending a designated driver out or
walking to the corner store when you get the munchies and all is

Jobs and other economic benefits are undeniable.

Colorados economy is the fastest growing economy in the nation.
The unemployment rate is at a six-year low, as 16,000 people are
licensed to work in the marijuana industry.

The average employee in the states two largest marijuana
dispensaries earns $17 per hour, and the dispensaries themselves
contribute 10 times the tax revenue of a typical restaurant or
retail store.

Youth prevention is a priority, and it is working.

$8 million have been allocated to youth prevention and
education. Another $2.5 million was spent closing funding gaps and
increasing health care workers in schools. $2 million is being
spent on community based mentoring projects focused on prevention
and school retention, and yet another $4.3 million will be spent on
outreach for students using marijuana.

Colorado has proven to the rest of America that marijuana doesnt
have to be forever on the list of evil in America. More and more
scientists are discrediting the gateway drug theory. With virtually
no deaths attributed to weed, no chance of physical addiction and
the added medical benefits being explored, its time to hang up the
1950s stigma of marijuana and look to the future.

Thanks, Colorado, for giving us the ability to see so

H/T: Drug Policy Alliance | Image:

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Outcast Trailer Arrives from the Creator of The Walking Dead (VIDEO)

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The first trailer for Outcast from Robert Kirkman aka the creator of The Walking Dead has finally arrived….

With The Walking Dead set to return on Sunday night, creator Robert Kirkman’s next series titled Outcast is preparing for a 2016 debut on Cinemax.

Based on the comic book of the same name, Outcast follows Kyle Barnes — a boy turned into a man who has dealt with demonic possession his entire life — sets out on a course to reclaim his life but when he runs into a new kind of evil, the fate of the world could rest in his hands.

The new trailer for Outcast debuted at New York Comic Con on Saturday but we’ve got the full video right here. Check it out below:

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The Walking Dead Recap ‘First Time Again’: A New Beginning, A Bloody End

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In The Walking Dead recap for the season 6 premiere, Rick and the survivors face the biggest horde in history as they find out how they come back from the season 5 finale…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

Have you ever wondered how Alexandria stayed untouched once the zombie apocalypse began?

It was an idyllic new community with near million dollar homes, nestled in the heart of the Virginia woods, just a stone’s throw away from Washington D.C. All the convenience of a major city, all the solitude of a peaceful rural village. When the dead started rising up and eating the flesh of the living, the community survived because a former congresswoman named Deanna and her husband Reg organized the people living there to help build walls, and keep the enclosure secure.

Still despite all that effort, isn’t it strange that no herd of zombies ever managed to come knocking on their front door?

Well as The Walking Dead season 6 kicked off on Sunday night, we found out why.

It seems just outside of Alexandria was a rock quarry and in that quarry got trapped a decent number of walkers. Whoever escaped from there ultimately blocked their entrance back up the hill again with a couple tractor trailers so in other words the walkers would continue to feed themselves down this gulley into the canyon with no real way of walking out again thanks to these structures blocking them.

It’s like the perfect trap for walkers except for one problem — it’s only a matter of time before those trucks give way and the biggest horde of flesh-eating zombies that anybody has seen will begin tearing through the countryside and there’s a good chance a large portion of them are going to make it to Alexandria.

And then all the walls in the world aren’t going to keep this many zombies from pushing through to get to the people who are alive on the other side.

So Rick and the others decide to organize a team to lure the zombies out of the quarry, lead them through the streets with Daryl leading the way as a Harley-revving Pied Piper and take the horde and point them away from Alexandria.

“I know this sounds insane but this is an insane world. We have to come for them or they come for us. It’s that simple.”
~ Rick

Rick’s got a point but in an insane world, bad things can and usually do happen so it’s safe to say his plan goes awry, but how did he get there in the first place? Well the debut episode on Sunday featured a black-and-white, time out of sequence history of the days after Rick executed Pete all the way until the zombie hoard began barreling towards Alexandria. It captured the humanity of The Walking Dead inside the walls and the inhuman threat that’s always looming just outside the walls in a pitch perfect debut as season six gets underway.

With that said let’s recap the latest The Walking Dead titled ‘First Time Again’….

Still the Same

Minutes after Rick pulled the trigger to kill Pete, he’s locked in another room with the man who saved him from the zombie apocalypse after he first woke up from his coma. This version of Morgan is a stick-wielding bad ass and far removed from the paranoid crazy who Rick and Michonne encountered some months back as he was locked up in a room, hording guns and food and building traps to keep anyone and everything out. Morgan’s son died and that sent his mind spiraling out of control, but what brought him back and how did he end up here?

That story will apparently get told another day, but what we know for now is that Morgan seems perfectly sane of mind, body and spirit. He’s calm even in the face of a very weird and very intense situation. Morgan does reveal that he learned how to handle the bo staff after he last saw Rick, but still no word on how he got down out of that strange tower he was living in.

Rick apologizes that he’s forced to stay locked up behind four walls just seconds after arriving in town, but Morgan doesn’t seem to mind much.

“The way I look at it, sometimes you’re safer when there’s no way out. We’ve got to get to know each other again — for the first time — again.”
~ Morgan

While Rick is getting to know Morgan again, the rest of the crew starts to find out what happened at the tail end of last season.

Tara wakes up from her coma to find out that Noah is dead and Glenn came back after nearly being murdered by Nicholas, yet he refuses to turn him over to Deanna where he would most certainly be vanquished and die alone in the wild. Glenn gave Maggie the option to rat Nicholas out but she didn’t and the same for Tara, who decided to allow Glenn to make the call.

Nicholas is now a devoted Glenn follower, who seems to listen to his every word like it’s gospel.

Meanwhile, Father Gabriel has been virtually outcast from every social circle after he told Deanna that Rick and the new survivors couldn’t be trusted. Sasha is walking back from the ledge after nearly tossing herself off and Abraham is struggling to deal with Pete’s death following the shooting while still covered in the man’s blood.

Deanna is essentially numb throughout the entire episode still trying to cope with the death of her husband while turning almost all authority over to Rick after he called his shot with what happened with Pete as well as walkers getting into the town (although technically that was all Gabriel’s fault).

We also meet Heath for the first time — a famous character from the comic books played by Corey Hawkins, who just broke out as Dr. Dre in the NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton — he’s a supply runner, who has been gone for a couple of weeks with his crew and just now making it back. He runs into Eugene when first coming back into the gates, and while they have to banter back and forth before Heath is allowed in again, they reach and understanding by the end thanks to his awesome dreadlocks.

“I fully respect the hair game”
~ Eugene to Heath

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Bury Your Dead

Rick shows Morgan around town while also telling him that eventually he’ll have to meet with Deanna, who is the woman in charge. While talking the streets, Rick runs into Father Gabriel and Tobin, who are burying Reg and Pete in the graveyard inside Alexandria.

Rick objects to Pete getting a place alongside those who gave their lives for the community and the argument ends when Deanna agrees that the man who murdered her husband has no place resting next to him in the ground.

Rick and Morgan travel outside the walls to dump Pete’s body, but unbeknownst to them his son Ron has followed along to see where they are leaving his father.

Once they reach the woods, Rick is ready to just dump Pete and go, but Morgan still wants to bury him no matter what crimes he’s committed.

“That’s not who you are. I know.”
~ Morgan

Rick warns him that he’s changed, but the conversation pauses when he hears a distant roar and upon further investigation, they find a rock quarry teeming with walkers all scratching and clawing to get past a pair of truck that have been placed there to block the exit. This is really bad news if this horde somehow escapes full throttle, but Rick’s concerns are cut short when he has to save Ron from a stumbling zombie about to eat him.

Rick kills the walker and tells Ron that this isn’t want his mother or his father would have wanted. He needs to be responsible and that doesn’t include leaving the community and nearly getting himself killed in the process. All Ron wanted was to see where his father was being buried.

Before they go back to Alexandria, Rick stops at the body this time and picks up a shovel to begin digging the dirt to give Pete a final resting place whether he deserved it or not. A small smile creeps across Morgan’s face because the man he met back outside Atlanta is still there, he’s just buried beneath a few new scars and a lot of anger.

Not The Man

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC


Back in town, Rick tries to reconnect with Jessie after everything that happened with Pete, but she’s not having it. She rebuffs his advances while also telling him that he needs to keep his hands off of Ron no matter how well intentioned he may have been by giving the boy a stern warning for escaping the community to follow them into the woods.

Rick pleads that he’s just trying to help them understand the world they are living in now and training them to survive. Jessie quickly shuts him down and says that Rosita is teaching her how to shoot and she’ll be the one to teach Ron and her younger son as well. Rick even taking a step closer to her makes Jessie flinch so not only has he managed to kill this woman’s husband, but now she’s afraid of him as well.

Meanwhile back in town, a new resident we meet named Carter (Ethan Embry) is talking to Father Gabriel and a few other people about how they need to rise up and get rid of Rick now before he completely takes over. What they don’t know is that Eugene was getting food from the same pantry where the armory is kept and when he drops a glass, everyone finds him cowering on the ground.

Carter is ready to put a bullet into Eugene to stop him from telling Rick their plans, but before he can pull the trigger, they are discovered.

Rick, Daryl and the other walk in to the armory and find Carter with his gun pointed at Eugene. Rick wastes no time disarming Carter and then aims the weapon directly at him instead. A few moments pass as Rick declares that no one is going to take this town from him, from Daryl, from Carol or anyone else in the group. He then unloads the chamber and lets Carter live but maybe not for the reasons you’d first imagine.

The Same Result

Rick believes that for Alexandria to survive a few things need to happen.

First off, people need to be armed inside the walls. Second, the citizens of Alexandria need to be trained. Third, the gatherers (aka Daryl and Aaron) need to stop going out to find new people to add to the community (although Daryl disagrees) and finally, they need to go on the offensive.

Just surviving isn’t living — it’s waiting to die.

Rick proposes a plan where they will organize the zombie horde leaving the rock quarry before leading them more than 20 miles outside of town so they can stumble and rumble towards the next community, far away from Alexandria. It appears no one in town is willing to help until Rick’s crew begins to volunteer and eventually even Carter comes around because he was the No. 2 man behind Reg when the walls were built and he’s crucial in setting up some sort of barriers so the walkers will turn the correct direction to lead them away from town and not right to it.

It seems like everyone begins trusting Rick (a little bit) now and he’s going to go on the offensive to lead the walkers away from Alexandria. He’s still trying to make the townspeople understand just how dangerous this situation is and while building the barriers to lead the walkers out of town, a few stragglers get through the forest and Rick lets them in so Carter and the others can attack and defend.

Unfortunately, Carter stands there paralyzed as does everyone else so Morgan and the others have to dispatch the walkers as Rick’s point is proven once again.

These people aren’t ready.

Back at home later that day, Rick sits with Morgan on his front porch after inviting the weary traveling to move in with him and Carl as they all begin a new life here in Alexandria.

Morgan accepts and while he’s holding baby Judith for the first time, he tells Rick that the person who he met back outside Atlanta and the one who tried to rescue him a few months back is still the same man sitting beside him now.

“You with that man Carter in the armory, that’s you. You’re still the same man I met in King County, the one who came back and told me it wasn’t over. That was you. The same you that’s right in front of me right now.”
~ Morgan

As it turns out, Rick’s point of view isn’t exactly the same — he’s just far more pessimistic or maybe a realist depending on how you look at it. He says that Carter is a dead man whether he pulled that trigger or not. Carter was ill equipped to deal with this new world and one way or another he was going to go — Rick just spared his execution that day.

“Somebody like that — they’re going to die no matter what.”
~ Rick

What’s That Sound?

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC


Back to present day and the group unexpectedly has to horde the zombies away from town during a test run after one of the trucks blocking their path ends up tumbling over the side and freeing the undead masses to push forward.

The plan is going well with Daryl, Sasha and Abraham leading the walkers down the street while Rick, Michonne and Morgan set up a couple of spots along the road to make sure the herd stays on course. Glenn, Nicholas and Heath even finish off a few walkers on their own at a tractor store to make sure the noise doesn’t distract the walkers all being led away.

Just when it seems like the plan is working to perfection, Carter gets attacked and bitten, which causes him to begin screaming bloody murder. Rick shows up and kills the walker and then has to put a knife into the back of Carter’s brain to shut him up while also ending any chance he has to come back as a flesh-eating zombie.

Morgan and Michonne show up just as Rick puts a knife into Carter’s neck and while at first it looks like they are questioning how this all happened, it’s clear in the end that the stares are those of reality. Morgan hates to admit it but his eyes tell the whole story — what Rick said is true — these people either need to get prepared or they will all die like lambs being led to the slaughter.

Following Carter’s death, the horde is back on track until a remarkably loud horn begins ringing out. It sounds like an early warning system for a natural disaster but the bigger problem is the horn is coming from the direction of town. The zombie herd immediately shifts course to follow the sound and it’s going to lead them directly to the front doors of the woefully unprepared Alexandria Safe Zone.

And things are about to get a lot worse.

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